My Candidacy


Together, rebuilding Radcliffe

Radcliffe’s crest – it’s not just another part of Bury!

For the local elections due to take place in 2020, I will be running in the metropolitan borough council seat of Radcliffe East.

It is an honour to be given the chance by Radcliffe and Bury Conservatives to represent the wonderful people of Radcliffe, along with the town itself.

Radcliffe, and especially Radcliffe East has been ignored by Bury MBC for far too long, and it now faces the biggest crisis yet – Labour’s disastrous GMSF.

Radcliffe has been ignored by Bury Council for too long – that changes now!

Labour won’t do anything for Radcliffe, and Radcliffe First can’t. Only a strong Conservative councillor can get the best deal for Radcliffe.

Elect me to elect change for Radcliffe East. Please stay tuned for policy updates!

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